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This picture tells us how a person has to
take a photo for a job interview, for ID or to carry
on that document be required for everyday life.

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This photograph shows the door of my home address and my family
members my father,mother, brother, and I pet.
Since we are a very humble and welcoming for all residents of the village

This photograph shows my pet sinse she is very important
to me because I sometimes ignore the flip flops and makes me fight my
pet I bathed him every 8 not having fleas and here I entertain the purposes of week.

This photograph shows speck my dog he is an animal native to race
because it is not stopping the animal for me means a lot because his mother
is the vine of the house because my dad loves me to stay with specks and so I keep .

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This picture shows my friends and we are very close because
when no one has money pays the other ole spends in order to make and we
always celebrate birthdays among ourselves keep our friendship since we were nine years


This picture shows me driving, because one of the things
that I really like because I feel the fresh air and freedom is
my happiness because with this I can express all the adrenaline I carry in my heart

This picture shows how I will do in the future
a police officer as to my being a cop is very important to know
that I will be able to defend the citizens and the people you love.

This photograph shows the School of General Santander
Police Cadet (ECSAN) is the training school for future officers of the
National Police of Colombia. It is considered the alma mater of the police

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